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The St. Louis Collection

St. Louis Collection

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Rick Rush - America's Sports Artist

The essence of sports is a fleeting moment of intense exuberance - life at its most exhilarating.

At its best, sports art acknowledges yet counteracts life's brevity by allowing the
viewer to savor the intensity of a moment in motion.


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"I thought Rick did an excellent job with what he had to work with. He captured the dedication I thought our players showed in beating Ohio State. We plan to hang the picture in our trophy room, so that future generations of Alabama fans can walk down memory lane."

Reference to Rick Rush's Work: Sugar Bowl 1978: Alabama Vs. Ohio State

Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant, 1978

“Rick is able to render the explosive essence of an action with more feeling of its reality than any numbers of actually moving images, such as those made possible by film, could do.”

James DickeyAmerican Poet

“My goal is to look at sports and this sports lifestyle we are living and try to suspend that in time so people can come along 50 years later to see what it was like to be at that particular sporting event at that particular time.”

Rick RUshAmerica's Sports Artist

Rick Rush is the best sports artist living...

George Rodrigue, Artist