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His name is Rick Rush.

His name is Rick Rush.

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His technique is an art in itself. First, a canvas is bathed in a single tone. Then, swashes and strokes of color are deftly placed to create an exciting portrayal of movement and feeling.

His subjects are charged with emotion. Color. Action. Each locking in time a moment of sports history.

His distinctive talent is recognized and admired by artists, collectors, and countless enthusiasts across the United States.

His name is Rick Rush.

Rick Rush received his B.A. degree from the University of Alabama. He headed Southern Living magazine's Southern Living Gallery, coordinating promotions of its art publications, including the widely acclaimed Jericho: The South Beheld and XIT• The American Cowboy.

Since then Rick has devoted his energies to the creation of a singular art form that captures the spirit as well as the technical accuracy of a sports event. His works and their enthusiastic receptions are indisputable proof that he has succeeded in doing just that.

Now his extraordinary paintings are available in limited edition
serigraphs. Each is an original print, masterfully executed on Arches paper using an exacting silkscreen process of fifteen
to twenty-five colors. No other method comes close to recreating the intrinsic brilliance and impact of Rick Rush's sports paintings. As a result, each Rick Rush serigraph is a synthesis of excellence in both art form and craft.