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Stronger Than Ever: The Story Behind

Stronger Than Ever: The Story Behind

  • Rick Rush Admin

 In 2012, Rick Rush, an accomplished sport artist, was commissioned to paint a collage, representing the mission of DEAF Inc. Rick admitted that this project has taken him out of his comfortable zone - sports painting, however, he, enthusiastically, tackled the challenge. To learn more about the deaf community and its strive for communication access and equal functionality, Rick partnered with the DEAF Inc. leadership team, researched and interviewed many stakeholders in the deaf and hard of hearing community. Throughout his partnership and collaboration with the deaf community, he learned so much about the overlooked culture - deaf culture. To summarize his experience, he said that the deaf and hard of hearing community today is "Stronger Than Ever!" thanks to organizations like DEAF Inc. who are breaking communication barriers everyday.

Video & Content provided by Deaf, Inc.