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Art for everyone!

Special Blues Event

Featured at tonight's invitation only event, are just a few of Rick's historic pieces. To view more of his work, visit Rick Rush Art or Market Street Dream in the links below.


Items available at Event for Pickup are Market Street Dream Serigraphs & Lithographs. *Based on availability   Other items will be shipped from Rick Rush Art and FedEx'ed to Customers.


Rick Rush, America's Sports Artist, captures the essence of sport. His paintings portray the American sports scene at its best, holding on to unforgettable moments that are suspended in time and space, memories on canvas, split seconds that spell the difference between a win or a loss. In sports, these moments come suddenly and leave just as quickly. In the art of Rick Rush, these moments live on forever.  Learn More About Rick Rush 


Tonight Only, 09/18/2021, Order a Serigraph or Giclee on either Market Street Dream or Rick Rush Art and get a free Market Street Dream Lithograph Poster.


Market Street Dream

The people of St. Louis had a dream.Their dream was to have a parade down Market Street for the St. Louis Blues. At the end of that parade, they envisioned for the Blues to hoist the Stanley Cup as Champions of the National Hockey League. Well, that dream became a reality for the first time in history on June 12, 2019. The St. Louis Blues won the NHL Championship and possession of The Stanley Cup.  

America’s Sports Artist, Rick Rush was commissioned to capture this historic moment in the National Hockey League and the history of the Blues. He has suspended this image in space and time for others to remember, relive and reflect on the fantastic victory for St. Louis and, especially for the St. Louis Blues.  In telling this “Big Story” visually of the Blues Stanley Cup Championship, Rush (and the Blues) wanted to portray the story of  St. Louis’s hockey history from the Arena to the Enterprise Center and from the iconic players of the past to each team member of this historic St. Louis Championship. 



The Masters of Augusta

"The Masters of Augusta" Features the 1997 Masters Winner, Tiger Woods. Undeniably, the essence of golf is Augusta National, the Masters. As sure as spring itself, when the azaleas’ plethora of color burst upon this uniquely manicured playground of golf’s greatest, an almost heavenly awe overtakes the crowd. Because there is something about Augusta -- a golden thread of nostalgia weaves its way through the entire spectacle.  Something will happen here that has happened for decades. Greatness will emerge.  Tiger Woods will unleash an incomparable swing and bury his opponents in its wake. Amid the memorable hanging baskets of the Augusta National Clubhouse, Ben Hogan’s Bridge, the 13th rock wall, and the dazzling floral logo that greets each guest, a star is born. And he’s for real.  Attesting from the leader board are the men who have formed a golfer’s “field of dreams.” In the center of their gaze is 1997 winner Tiger Woods, here flanked by his caddie, ”Fluff,” and the caddie of final round playing partner, Constanino Rocca. Woods is displaying that awesome swing that sends a golf ball straighter and truer than should be humanly possible. Only his uncanny putting ability serves to complete the dominating performance that lifts him alongside the Masters of Augusta.

In this unique work of art, America’s Sports Artist, Rick Rush, has blended the charm and boastful beauty of nature with the magnificence of a gilded golfing history and unabashed power and confidence of youth to deliver a masterpiece: “The Master of Augusta.”

 Available in:  Lithograph       Serigraph


Double Vision


"Double Vision" by Rick Rush captures the greatness of Wayne Gretzky. The image portrays the two goals which allowed him to own the two greatest records in the NHL. His goal at Edmonton on October 15, 1989, allowed him to capture the all-time points record with 1,851. His 802nd goal scored in Los Angeles on March 23, 1994, allowed him to obtain the all-time goals record. He truly is the “Great One" in hockey.

Available in:   Vignette       Serigraph




Spirit of Victory


This historic piece has hung in the White House and the Jimmy Carter Library.  In the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York, the US Men's Hockey Team defeated the mighty Russian Men's Team in the semifinals and went on to win the gold medal for the 1980 Winter Olympics. This piece, being one of the rarer entries in the Rick Rush Art catalog, chronicles a period in sports history that remains legendary to this day.

Available in:   Serigraph





Reflections:  7-23-99 Retiring the Millennium


Rick Rush's "Reflections: 7-23-99 Retiring the Millennium"  celebrates living legends John Elway, Michael Jordan, & Wayne Gretzky. “Build it and they will come.” So goes the story line of the popular movie, “Field of Dreams,” the images that captured our nostalgic imagination. “Field of Dreams,” where the game’s greatest played once more for an adoring audience, whose fondest memories of the crack of the bat, flying cleats, and the thunderous roar of fans from Yankee Stadium to Busch Field were eclipsed only by the images of the players themselves. But what if another image was created to welcome not just baseball’s immortals, but a collection of major sports figures who represent the best of the best -- men who have cast huge shadows over the last 100 years of sports? One has. America’s Sports Artist, Rick Rush, now takes us on a walk down the “golden path” journeyed by eight incomparable athletes.

Available in:  Lithograph         Serigraph



Cardinals: Wild Cards


America’s Sports Artist Rick Rush’s "WildCards" depicts the St. Louis Cardinals in the 2011 World Series. In the foreground are Albert Pujols, Chris Carpenter, David Freese, and Lance Berkman. In the middleground are Yadier Molina, Rafael Furcal, Kyle Lohse, Chris Carpenter, and Allen Craig. In the background, Tony LaRussa is projected on the Busch Stadium jumbotron.

The Cardinals earned their postseason berth by winning the National League Wild Card on the last day of the regular season. They defeated the Philadelphia Phillies in the National League Division Series and the Milwaukee Brewers in the National League Championship Series to earn their World Series shot against the Texas Rangers. The National League won the 2011 All-Star Game, giving the Cardinals home-field advantage in their third World Series appearance in eight years.

In the first out of the Series, Yadier Molina fired a ball to Rafael Furcal to catch the Rangers’ Kinsley stealing second. Later in the game, Chris Carpenter dove headlong with his throwing arm to make an out. Both of these plays are depicted in the WildCards middleground. The Cardinals won 3-2.

Available in:  Lithograph     Serigraph



Cardinals:  Out of Character

After a string of harsh injuries, a series of losing streaks, and a grueling late-season slump to match, Manager Tony La Russa's St. Louis Cardinals had just 83 regular-season wins. Nobody could have predicted that the Redbirds would batter the New York Mets in seven games, winning their 17th National League Pennant and making their way to the World Series... But with the help of a stingy bullpen and tenacious batting, the Cardinals did just that.

Few gave the Cardinals much hope in the World Series, either, not up against the 2006 Coach of the Year, Jim Leyland, and his Detroit Tigers - a team that had already humiliated St. Louis in a three game sweep during the regular season. Criticism was taken in quiet stride, though, and the underdogs stunned the sports world by routing Detroit 4 games to 1.

At the top of the painting stands proud the St. Louis Arch, rested behind and overlooking the brand new Busch Stadium in its first season of play.

Available in:   Lithograph       Serigraph



Drawn by the Flame


"Drawn by the Flame" was commissioned to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty located on Ellis Island, outside of New York, and its restoration which was dedicated on July 4th, 1986. The print hangs in the Department of Immigration. Also, the artist has included himself with the immigrants gathered at the base of the statue. The title symbolizes the throngs from around the world who came to America seeking liberty and opportunity, who were "Drawn by the Flame" of freedom. The New York skyline can be seen in the background.

Available in:  Serigraph       Lithograph




Bulls:  Shooting Stars


On June 9, 1991, the Championship of Championships began. It was the NBA Finals, or better said — The Michael and Magic Finals. Two of the world’s most famous athletes were meeting for their first time in a championship series. According to Sports Illustrated it was a case of “Talent, leadership, winning – Michael and Magic are the ultimate in all of those things.”
It was touted as the Prince of the Midair versus the King of the Hill.
Magic already had five championships under his belt – Jordan, an indefatigable 28-year-old, was still waiting for his first. In fact, in the Bulls twenty-five year history they had never won an NBA Championship. In game one it was Jordan who “was the one jumping and ducking and darting his way to 36 points, eight rebounds and twelve assists.“ Magic “was the one directing traffic, backing his way down the court and, once in a while, shooting that awkward-looking one-hander.” Johnson said about Jordan regarding the last five minutes of the game, he is “the Number one scariest person in the NBA at that time of the game.”

Available in:  Serigraph



Kentucky Derby

This serigraph, "The Kentucky Derby" was the first commissioned print of the Kentucky Derby by Churchill Downs. The print shows the horses coming around the clubhouse turn with the famous stately white twin-spired Churchill Downs grandstands in the background. The artist’s intent was to capture the essence of the Derby and therefore he chose not to highlight specific horses. The Kentucky Derby attracts more intense interest in it’s two minute span than any other sporting event in the world.


Available in: Serigraph