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Why Rick Rush's Serigraph is An Investment for Life, Not just a Purchase

Serigraph prints are labor intensive and costly to create. Due to the nature of Serigraph Printing, where colors are applied to prints by hand, one at a time - each print is a unique piece of art, and is part of a very limited edition. One of the subtle beauties of Serigraphs is the relief of the print - because each color is hand-pressed one layer at a time, and then given a day to air dry, the layers of ink begin to take shape to form a subtle "dimension" and depth to the print. It takes approximately one month to create an edition of 200 to 300 prints of original serigraphs. Every print is given a thorough inspection by Rick Rush and staff both in the Rick Rush Studio, before, during and after every single color is pressed - and at the office of Jireh Publishing, before being hand signed and numbered and mailed to your home or office. Because of our thorough work, and our strict quality control - Jireh Publishing guarantees your satisfaction.

"Limited Edition" refers to the fact that there is only a certain amount, or "limited" number of serigraphs created of a specific piece of artwork. After the edition is printed, all of the original artwork and screens used to make the print are destroyed or effaced. This ensures that no additional serigraphs will be made in the future. This is the oppositie of an "Open Edition," where public demand determines the number of pieces included in an edition.

The limited life of a stencil prevents unlimited editions. Additionally, variables in the process of hand-pulling serigraphs mean that each individual serigraph is slightly different from the others. Minor deviations in color registration, paint distribution, and variations yield individual pieces that are "truly on-of-a-kind."

We take pride in our product and we know that the sophisticated collector will appreciate the quality of our work. Serigraph Prints are an investment. Due to the limited edition, unique attributes, and thanks to the quality of the craftsmanship, serigraphs by many contemporary artists have commanded as much as $100,000 in auction. Rick Rush Serigraphs continue to climb in value, as well, making each of our serigraphs a beautiful addition to an art collection, a fantastic investment, and even an heirloom for future generations.